sGH-107 10mg


sGH-107 Peptide blend by Nucleus Research

This blend consists of;

CJC 1295 DAC – 5mg

Fragment 176-191 – 5mg

1x Vial of 10mg Lyophilized powder

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sGH-107 is the first structured amino acids responsible for anabolism. The last 16 structured  amino acids of GH is responsible for fat regulation.

It has an extended half life applied to the 45 amino acid that are needed for anabolism and fat regulation.

The sGH has 10mg of 45 essential acids (equivalent to 100iu of GH)

Anabolic half life of 7 days (drug affinity complex)

Fat regulation half life of 30 mins

Does not interfere with natural secretion

Causes a 7 day natural secretion


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