Spectre Ibutamoren 15mg (Mk-677)


Ibutamoren (Mk-677) by Spectre Labs

90 x 15mg tablets



Growth Hormone (GH) mimetic/secretegogue; effects include improved lean muscle generation, improved metabolism and fat oxidization; some subjects also exhibit healthier skin and sleep improvement.

Known for: Mimicking effects of Growth Hormone

Commonly stacked with: Typical bulking stack: MK-677, YK-11 and RAD-140/or/LGD-4033/or/S-4/or/S-23 | optional: MK-2866,
Typical cutting stack: MK-677 and GW-501516/or/SR-9009 | optional: MK-2866

Side-effects: Some complain of lethargy, increased appetite, tingly or numb hands/fingers


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