Important FAQ

E-mails from may enter your junk folder, so be sure to check your junk folder for e-mails from us!

Clients to avoid

Do not use YAHOO – This is a security issue due to the major leak at the end of 2016.

There is information on the checkout page stating which email clients to avoid when using the website. The following clients are not a security issue, but rather an issue with automated emails having some problems with the client countermail. Hotmail, live, gmail and msn are also not recommended as they’re not secure, keep in mind these work fine with the system though!

Payments we offer;

Bitcoin (no minimum payment)

Ethereum (no minimum payment)

Litecoin (no minimum payment)

Skrill (no minimum payment)

Bank Transfer (minimum payment of £100 required)

Orders will only be processed through the websites basket, we do not accept orders through direct e-mail. After you have ordered through the basket, you will then receive instructions on how to pay. Orders will only be sent once payment has cleared in advance!

Please do not email us regarding restocking a sold out item. If it is sold out, we are likely already working on doing so! I advise you to check the site every few days for the item to be added back into the available stock and add it to your shopping list.

Order Status’s:

“Order On Hold” – This is sent out automatically upon ordering, once you have ordered, all you have to do is wait for us to send you the details to pay. Details depend on which payment method you have picked.

“Complete” – This is sent out once the payment has gone through and the order has been shipped, it will tell you your order is complete, and you should receive a tracking number for the order.

Upon ordering and receiving payment details, you have 48 HOURS to complete your payment submission, past this point your order will no longer be valid.


RESHIP POLICY – We at MB, do all we can to make sure your order gets to you! So we’re pleased to say that all orders are insured with one free reship upon evidence of a seizure notice. This is a rare occurrence and we do all we can to make sure it doesn’t happen!