Dropoetin 4000iu (6 prefilled syringes)


Erythropoietin by Drogsan

4000iu/0.4ml x 6 Prefilled Syringes

Pharmaceutical Grade


Dropoetin is a synthesized Epoetin Alfa (Erythropoietin) and is used to replace the hormone in conditions of its lack. Erythropoietin is produced naturally in the body, principally by kidneys. Erythropoietin regulates the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen in the blood. Erythropoietin shortage might cause different severe anemia (lack of oxygen reaching the different parts of the body).

Dropoetin is indicated for treatment of anemia in people with chronic kidney disease, HIV or malignancy and people with cancer who develop anemia because of chemotherapy medication. Dropoetin might also be used to increase red blood cell production in patients before certain surgeries.

Dropoetin is contradicted for the patients with past or current experience of one of the following: hypersensibility to Dropoetin’s ingredients; gout; cardiovascular disease; blood clots; cancer; folic acid, iron, or vitamin B12 deficiency; kidney disease; bone problems; inflammation; pure red cell aplasia; infection; stroke; seizure; porphyrin metabolism disorder; breast-feeding; pregnancy.

The patient should inform his physician about any health related conditions. Dropoetin should not be indicated to the infants. Dropoetin has proved its safety and efficiency for children over the age of 1 month who need dialysis to treat chronic renal failure.

Side Effects: diarrhea; headache; coughing; nausea; joint or muscle aches; respiratory hyperemia; insomnia; vomiting; indigestion; gastrointestinal ache; injection site problems.



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