Melalite Forte Cream 4%


Hydroquinone  by Piramal (Abbott)


1 Tube

Pharmaceutical Grade.


Melalite Forte Cream 4% is the medicine that helps in the reduction of the production of melanin. It is because of melanin that the skin color is brown. The more the melanin the darker is the skin colour. When the medicine is applied it reduces the production of melanin thus making the skin lighter in colour. The topical drug has hydroquinone, which is used in the treatment, prevention, control and improvement of age spots, lightens light brown colour patches on the skin, acne, inflammatory skin disorders, wrinkles, itchy skin rashes. The medicine may be used for some other purpose as well. The topical drug is a bleaching and skin lightening agent. It mainly works by lightening the dark skin areas and by inhibiting an enzyme reaction in cells.



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