IGF-1 L-R3


IGF-1 L-R3 (Long Chain Insulin Growth Factor)

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IGF-1, or insulin growth factor 1, is important in the development of children. Similar to insulin, the hormone, helps in the development of children and has anabolic effects on adults. It’s a protein consisting of 70 amino acids in a single chain and it is primarily produced in the liver. GH (growth hormone) stimulates the production of IGF1, which is produced throughout a person’s lifetime, with the greatest levels of production occurring during puberty.

For those who are deficient or don’t produce GH at normal levels, injections and other supplement forms of IGF1 are a viable solution to helping increase those deficiencies.

IGF1 is popular in the bodybuilding industry and for people who workout regularly. It helps improve the recovery time after workout, helps give you a “pump” during your workout, and can help individuals achieve fitness goals they’ve struggled with without supplementation.

It is also common for adults and children to use IGF1 injections if they are deficient in the GH. Because there are several essential amino acids found in IGF1, many doctors will prescribe it to young children who aren’t developing at the appropriate rate, or to adults who are deficient.

Of course, for each of these groups, the dosage will vary. And, dosing instructions and frequency, as well as the dosage cycle are likely to vary as well. Many people can benefit from using IGF1 injections, and as long as it is used safely, and at the appropriate levels, it can promote optimal health, wellness, and fitness in users.


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