Substance 125 rRNA-C, MIT-RNRI

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Healthy aging can be promoted by enhancing metabolic fitness and physical capacity. Mitochondria are chief metabolic organelles with strong implications in aging. In addition to their prominent role in bioenergetics, mitochondria also coordinate broad physiological functions by communicating to other cells using multiple factors including peptides that are encoded within their own independent genome.MOTS-c is a mitochondrial-encoded peptide that regulates metabolic homeostasis in response to cellular stress.
MOTS‐c is a peptide of 16 amino acids expressed by a mitochondrial gene. Research  provides evidence that mitochondria play a key role in signaling and in energy production.
MOTS-c regulates metabolic functions throughout the body, including turning glucose into usable energy. Preliminary studies show evidence for improved control over blood sugar levels for those with type 2 diabetes and obesity.
Skeletal muscle is the major target tissue of MOTS‐c. The skeletal muscle enhances insulin sensitivity and increases glucose uptake in myocytes (muscle cells) by activating the AMPK pathway and at the same time without increasing insulin. It is fair to call MOTS‐c an exercise‐mimetic, meaning it imitates exercise on the body. Exercise also increases muscle glucose uptake without stimulating insulin.
AMPK (AMP‐activated protein kinase), was identified in 1999 as the master switch for metabolism and the central regulator of both glucose and lipid (fat) metabolism. Since then it has been a target for therapeutic intervention against metabolic conditions such as type‐2 diabetes.
Mitochondria are the main cellular sites devoted to ATP (energy) production and fatty acid oxidation. The Mitochondrial-Derived Peptide MOTS-c promotes metabolic homeostasis and reduces obesity and insulin resistance. Mitochondria also play a crucial role in determining metabolic flexibility.
Promotes fatty acid metabolism in the liver
Promotes metabolic flexibility and homeostasis
Helps regulate mitochondrial energy
Protects against age and diet dependent insulin resistance and obesity
Helps with weight loss
Promotes resistance to metabolic stress
Improves exercise capacity
Helps prevent osteoporosis
Improves glucose regulation
Promotes cell differentiation to form osteoblasts


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